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Today I want to share a list of few recent testimonials I got from the clients. This is just a small fraction of the testimonials I’ve got from many happy SEO clients. Words of my clients tell you more about my work than what I can ever tell you. So, here you go:


Title: Website SEO Manager

(Abdul) Hayi has been excellent to work with – he understood the requirements immediately and provided excellent work output & advice of the subject of SEO for our website. I would highly recommend Hayi to anyone needing advice on the SEO related content and structure of their websites.


Title: Senior SEO Specialist

Abdul does a great job and really knows his SEO, I also have been very happy with his communication and think we have developed a nice working. Highly recommend.


Title: SEO Consultant Specialist

Abdul did a fantastic job improving my company rankings on google, using several different keywords. I’m very happy with the position he has got us to online.


Title: SEO Specialist

Abdul is very good at SEO and I have enjoyed working with him. His prices are reasonable, his communication is good and he get the job done.


Title: SEO Analysis

Abdul did a great job on the analysis. We are looking forward to working with him in the future.


Title: SEO – PPC Monthly Management

All work was completed successfully. Abdul did an amazing job, and exceeded my expectations by 100%.


Title: SEO Expert

Very Impressive SEO on this contract, highly recommend.

Title: Senior manager of SEO and on-line advertising

(Abdul) Hayi increased our CTR to 12% and increased our ranking with google and yahoo! Great job!


Title: Internet marketing , SEO, social media

Abdul is very skilled and competent, excellent communication skills and delivers high standards.


Title: Onsite SEO

Great SEO expert; Helped us with suggestions and improvements; Will definitely love to work with Abdul again in the future.


Title: Mediapoint SEO Consulting

We had great experiences with this provider. He met all of our criteria and did everything we asked of him. He was also very knowledgeable with his SEO and got it to where we wanted to. He followed the plan and got us to where we wanted to. The reason we have good experiences on Odesk is because of providers like this and we will look forward to working with him again in the future.

Every business wants to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be there in top organic rankings of all major search engines. Those top rankings are like gold mines for the online businesses which help them to great extent to achieve their business goals.  At first those rankings look like low hanging fruits and everyone wants to grab them oneself. It is not always very easy though to achieve this goal.

Can I do SEO myself for my website? This is one of the common questions asked by online business owners. Let’s analyse it in a bit detail that whether it is advisable to do in-depth SEO yourself or not.

Though the basics of SEO are simple, it is always evolving and a very dynamic field. Staying up to date with the on-going changes in the field needs a lot of time and effort. So if you are not a professional SEO, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of the market while doing your other routine tasks.

Therefore, there is always need of a highly skilled and a knowledgeable SEO specialist who is up to date with the happenings in the industry, to get top rankings and stay there to get the desired outcome. SEO specialists spend lots of time mastering the art of getting on top of search results – they eat, breath and sleep SEO.  They experiment, they read a lot about the subject, they go to top international SEO conferences and they network with industry leaders to enhance their expertise. They are more than capable of SEO optimizing your website while giving you the best possible ROI. These days competition is increasing in SEO market – so doing SEO yourself is becoming just a wish. If you are in a competitive market, it is time to hire an experienced SEO specialist who can handle your site with due care and get the desired results for you to achieve your business goals.

Search engines use a very complex algorithm and consider 100s of factors to decide the ranking of web pages. There are, however, factors that can be considered as three basic and the most important factors to get higher organic rankings through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here is a brief overview of those 3 factors.

1.       Keyword Selection

It looks simple, but selecting the right keywords for your page goes a long way in getting the ultimate business goals. There are lots of tools available to do the keyword research including Google keyword planner (‎).

2.       Titles and Page Content

Titles tags are one of the most important elements for getting higher rankings as most of the search engines give good weight to this tag while deciding the rankings. This tag is not only used for deciding the rankings, but also displayed in search engine results pages (SERP) as headings. So to get higher organic rankings, one must use keyword centric title tag to be able to be found in search results for relevant terms.

Just writing keyword-centric page title is not enough, you need to write the quality page copy around those keywords by using those keywords at prominent places such as headings and linking text.

3.       Links

Back links are and will remain till long one of the main deciding factor for the organic rankings. Writing quality content and distributing that content through social media can be a good start in a hope to reach influential resources and get quality backlinks to your page or post and build public relation.

Other than getting links from external sites, intelligent internal linking has positive impact on organic rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a detailed process and requires deep understanding of search engines algorithms and lots of experience to do it right in a secure way which is acceptable both for search engines and users. In this post I will try to briefly describe the detailed SEO process into 10 simple points (10 Rs of SEO) for simplifying the process and to give better overview to the readers.

1.       Reliability

Reliable web hosting is the first step towards successful SEO and online brand building. A website hosted on a reliable server with very little downtime has multiple benefits for online marketing.  Reliability also means creating quality content and enhanced user experience.

2.       Research

Keyword and audience research can be a make or break factor for many SEO and online marketing campaigns. An intelligent keyword and potential audience research sets the foundation of a highly successful SEO campaign.

3.       Relevancy

Selecting relevant keywords, domain name relevancy and writing relevant content go a long way in SEO success. Relevancy is a big requirement for maintaining quality and irrelevancy is the factor which annoys web users the most.

4.       Readability

Both visitors and search engines should be able to read your content without any difficulty. Even a apparently good looking website can be on a big disadvantage if it has readability issues.

5.       References

No one can deny the importance of the links or references for SEO. They are, and will remain till long, one of the top deciding factors for organic rankings.

6.       Rankings

Without top meaningful rankings, SEO efforts can be quite wavered. That’s why measuring rankings for the relevant keywords have been one of the main factors of measuring SEO success. First page positions for top keywords are like a gold mine for the businesses.

7.       Reviews and Rating

In modern day online world, reviews or ratings play a crucial role in business success. Search engines may consider the reviews and rating while deciding rankings, while users too are likely to read these reviews and ratings after discovering the business through search engines and before making a buying decision.

8.       Recency

Search engines and users like something new to read. Adding new contents and engaging with the visitors is a big plus in modern SEO.

9.       Reachability

Having detailed contact us and ‘who is’ information tells Google that you have nothing to hide about. Listening to the feedback given by the users helps to improve and innovate.

10.   ROI

The real success of any SEO marketing campaign is higher ROI. All SEO efforts can go in vain if the visitors are not converting into sales.

And one bonus ‘R’

11.   Rearrange

There is always room for improvement. So testing and readjusting the SEO efforts and rearranging accordingly will enhance the outcome.

In the past businesses have much more control on the brand message and customers were pretty much passive consumers of the information. But with the advent and popularity of conversation-centric social media and mobile technologies, customers have equal, if not more, opportunities to talk about brands publically.  Now they have their say in product development and their public reviews which can be read across the globe in real time matters a lot as customers are in the heart of social media marketing. Now they can freely share the information about products and services from anywhere, anytime and with anyone. There are many potential opportunities and threats for the brands in content-driven and customer-focused social media. For understanding those potential opportunities and threats, it is important to first understand social customers.

Social Customers

Social customers are much more connected, out-spoken, creative and informed than traditional customers. They do not like traditional marketing tone from the business, rather they want business to collaborate and engage with them. They communicate and collaborate and share their experiences with their peers even without the involvement of the business. So it is in advantage of the business to interact with them and create content to engage them rather than interrupting them. They wanted real-time customer support and a solution to their problems. They have no loyalty when customer support is bad.

Types of Social Customers

There are four main types of social customers

1.    Creators: who publish social media content

2.    Critics: who are active in writing reviews and comments

3.    Collectors: who retweet, like and share content.

4.    Spectators: who like just reading quality content.

Social Media and Negative Word of Mouth (WOM)

Sometimes customers may get angry for variety of reasons. On social media, customers are the people with megaphone and they can make or break a business.So it is important to understand legitimately angry customers so that the problem can be fixed well in time before it goes viral and become hard to be undone:

  • Generally they talk to you on a positive note until something wrong happens
  • They rarely badmouth the business and generally are helpful and friendly to others
  • They are popular and active over different social media platforms

To resolve the issues, following points can be used as guidelines:

  • Customer is always right. Try to avoid argument with customers
  • The effective way against a rude customer is politeness
  • Make your customer part of developing solution

Advantages and Benefits of Social Media for the Business

  • Deeper customer insight and market intelligence
  • Collaborative environment and improved engagement
  • More UGC and improved business visibility
  • Improved customer feedback
  • Better reputation and influence
  • Low-cost, real-time customer support and crowd sourcing
  • Crisis management and risk mitigation
  • Improved customer satisfaction and enhanced loyalty
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Positive Word of mouth
  • 24/7 free sales team

Disadvantages and Threats of Social Media for the Businesses

  • Lack of control
  • Fear of negative word of mouth
  • Uncertainty about ROI
  • Lack of awareness
  • Privacy issues
  • Lack of expertise
  • Concerns regarding scalability of huge social data and converting data into information

Listening actively, having policies, using common sense, being transparent, educating staff and stake holders, building brand communities can help a lot to overcome these disadvantages and threats.

First observe what successful businesses and communities are doing and evaluate which platform is the best for your business. Spot top customers who can be brand advocates, educated staff, build content and distribute those to engage customers and increase influence.  Decide how would you measure success and based on the outcome, improve.

Social media can be blessing or curse depending upon the customer experience. Well-run businesses have less fear of customer power over social media as compared to poorly-run ones.

It is important to note that not joining social media is not the solution. Also, not just joining these platforms is the solution. A change in mind-set is needed to engage and collaborate with clear strategies and policies.


Why SEO?

  • Cost Effective
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Higher ROI
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Meeting customers requirement when they are searching for.

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Why Us?

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  • More than a decade of experience
  • The top ranked ‘SEO Specialist’
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We have used SEO companies in Australia in the past and none have come close to the results Abdul has given us. I would honestly recommend him to anyone (besides my competitors).

Jamie Xuereb
Founder - Director
Media Point

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