10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is essential for any website for long term success. It needs to be done in an expert way to get maximum out of it. That is why many companies do their SEO with the help of SEO consultants. But if you want to do SEO on your own, here are the few common mistakes to avoid.

SEO mistakes to avoid:

  1. Wrong keyword selection/ not enough keyword research

Selecting the right keywords is of prime importance for SEO success. If you commit a mistake in selecting the keywords or do not spend enough time on it, it will cost you loss of many potential leads and sales in the end.

  1. Over-doing / spamming

Search engines have become very smart over the years. So you cannot fool them by over-doing or spamming. Over-doing in any form- be it in the form of using keywords at important places or building links- is a big SEO mistake which should be avoided.

  1. Just focusing on search engines

Even if you are not over-doing, just focusing on the search engines and ignoring users is an SEO mistake to avoid. If your website is not engaging for the users, search engines are too likely to dislike it in the long-haul.

  1. Low quality or duplicate content

Having low quality content on the site is another mistake to avoid. Low quality add little or no value to the users, so search engines do not like it. The same applies to duplicate content. Search engines have a strong filter for duplicate content.

  1. Low quality backlinks / paid backlinks

Another SEO mistake to avoid is getting too many low quality or paid backlinks. They may give you some initial success, but in the long-haul low quality or paid links are bad for SEO success.

  1. Invisible text and doorway pages

Showing one-version of content to search engine or hiding content from search engines is another SEO mistake to avoid.

  1. Lack of internal linking

Internal linking helps search engines to understand structure and topic of your website. Lack of it is not helpful for SEO at all.

Similarly not having a clear URL structure is another common SEO mistake.

  1. Lack of fresh content/ regular updates

Search engine like fresh content and regular content updates. Failing to update your site content is SEO mistake.

  1. Bad user experience

For getting top rankings in modern day SEO, user experience should be at the core of SEO efforts. Bad user experience can cost you rankings, leads and sales.

  1. Not staying up-to-date

SEO is a very dynamic field. Not staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends is the last SEO mistake to avoid in our list. SEO requires continuous update of knowledge and skills to stay in top rankings.

These are our top 10 SEO mistakes to avoid. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.

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