10 Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

10 Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

I haven’t written a blog post about social media and marketing lately as most of my recent posts were about SEO and search engine marketing. This post is about the importance of enhancing customer experience in the online world to get the desired results for your business. So without any further ado, here are the few quick tips to enhance customer experience (CX) in the age of social media.

For long, many businesses have been promising to delight customers, while actually disappointing them and promising to solve problems but actually frustrating them.  This approach will not work anymore as we are now in the era of social media and customer power.

Tips to Enhance Customer Experience:

  1. Change mind-set and think in outside-in direction rather than inside-out
  2. Promise only what you can deliver – Or even better, under-promise and over-deliver.
  3. Listen to customers – not only listen but hear- even hearing is not enough, give a serious consideration about what they say and implement if valid.
  4. Provide quick, if not real-time, problem-solving.
  5. Do not bombard customer with just promotional stuff
  6. Create original, quality and useful contents.
  7. Have flaw-less website and other useful web presences
  8. Be transparent to the customers, as much as possible
  9. Build brand communities and engage.
  10. Improve internal communication and educate staff

One of the key principles in customer experience management is consistency. So be consistent with what you do.

A better customer experience ultimately results into higher revenue with reduced costs and gives your business the much desired competitive advantage.

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