Conversion Optimization (CRO) Beyond Clicks  - Top 5 Tips

Conversion Optimization (CRO) Beyond Clicks - Top 5 Tips

After getting higher ranking and more exposure in search engine results pages through SEO, there comes the conversion rate option. Conversion rate option stands for converting searchers into buyers. Even though organic traffic converts so well, the process should not stop at SEO or even at conversion rate optimization. Rather it should go one step ahead to work on after sale conversion optimization to retain customers longer and getting more out of the traffic your site is getting. This will help in reducing acquisition cost.

To improve after conversion optimization, these tips can really help you to engage and entertain the customers after sales in more productive way:

CRO Tip 1: Cross Sell and Upsell

Sending recommendations to customers about similar products/add-ons or services based on what they have just bought improves after sale optimization. It can improve sales on top of what customers have initially planned to buy.

CRO Tip 2: How to Articles and Tips

To improve relationships with the customers, you need to think beyond the sales and be there to guide and help them to improve customer loyalty. Other than providing top class regular after sale customer services, sending how to guides and informative articles about products enhances relationships with customers and can make them life-long buyers.

CRO Tip 3: Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and feedback not only can help you to improve product or services, they are becoming important organic ranking factors for online local businesses and help with reputation management to all. Fast shipping and better after sale customer service just add icing on the top. It helps in getting good ranking which along with a good product gets positive feedback and reviews both on your site and on third-party reviews sites.

CRO Tip 4: After Sale Email Messages

When the customer has just made the purchase, you can send him a thank you email with the links to your online social media presences or conduct a survey to engage with them, grow your social networks with happy customers and improve product.

You may even incentivise them to do social share or write a blogpost about your business to get social and SEO benefits!

Giving customers some coupon as a ‘thank you’ token can bring more potential customers through that referral at much lesser acquisition cost.

CRO Tip 5: Mobile-Friendly Sites

Use of smart phone for shopping is growing in various industries. Your site may have lower conversion and after sales conversion rate because of mobile Un-friendly or slow website. So investing in mobile friendly sites is another area to look for improving conversion rate further.

Customers are much smarter these days with lots of information and options available online. The idea is to help and facilitate them. Implanting these tips will keep your customers more happy and engaged while giving your business long term benefits.

If you want to improve organic rankings, or conversion rate of traffic you are already getting, or after sale conversion optimization, feel free to contact us.

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