Top 10 Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

Top 10 Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

Internet is in the state of evolution and so is internet marketing. Social Media is becoming an important and integral part of online marketing. It helps with SEO in many ways as well e.g. keyword research, getting backlinks and building PR and hence improved ranking, contents distribution, direct traffic to the website and most importantly Online Reputation Management.  Other than SEO, there are many other marketing benefits of social media for businesses too.

  1. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Good online reputation is crucial for business success.  There is a lot more competition in the online world so the businesses have to be really careful in this regard. Social media allow you to get your name out to the world and talk about things that matter to you. This will help you build a good online reputation, which is critical nowadays.


  1. Viral Marketing

Social media is an excellent viral marketing tool. All you need is a great idea and its timely and optimized execution. It is a cheap and viable way to spread the word about a product or idea.

The viral nature social media marketing is what makes it so interesting and worthwhile. A successful Social Media Marketing campaign leads to a lot more talk about your brand and website online. When your message works with your users, they will spread your message more effectively than tradition methods.


  1. Web Site Ranking and Traffic (SEO)

At the end of the day, everything in the internet marketing is done for the sake of getting increased targeted web traffic. Social media and online communities allow for open discussion, customer reviews and peer-to-peer recommendation, driving awareness and increasing sales. Plus the consumer-generated content of an online community will increase traffic to your main website.

It is not enough anymore to just have a website, pepper in a few keywords and hope to hit Google’s top spots. Search Engine spiders love content and links. You want to have your site listed as high as possible on numerous Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Social media profiles are a smart way to build the types of links you need to raise awareness of your website.


  1. Content Marketing

Social media is very useful for distributing the digital long-form and short-form contents to add value to the consumers.  Even having a well optimized blog and updating it frequently with the contents that are relevant, compelling and shareable can help you with generating word of mouth marketing and build brand over the time.

Distributing branded content via social media platforms provides customers with information they need for making purchase decisions. Make sure that you’re supplying content that add value to consumers, attracts prospects and answers their purchase-related questions to close sales.


  1. Market and Consumer Research- Monitoring, Trends, Needs

Marketing research is always important for continued success of your product or service. Listen to what your customers say about your products and track what links they click on and you’ll begin to see what your customers like and respond to. Consumers love to express their opinions on social media sites, which will allow you to hear the truth.  Social Media is an excellent tool to do online Brand monitoring, keeping an eye on the trends and to know about customer’s needs.

Additionally, social media can enable executives to gather input and feedback directly from their target audience, and use that intelligence for more effective reputation management. Insight into why people like – or hate – a brand is needed to help change and control audience perceptions and preferences.


  1. Real-Time Customer Care and Engagement – Customer Retention

Social media platforms would enable you to know the view of your audience concerning your offerings or business. If they criticize your business or offerings, take a deeper look at what they are trying to point out, especially if more than one person is saying the same thing. This will help you to know what aspect of your product or business to enhance.

Social media outlets are the perfect places to communicate with your customers about new products, special promotions, or merely to educate and entertain them.  Through regular free communication you can keep your company in front of your customer’s eyeballs which will in turn lead to repeat business and referrals.

Social media networks allow your company to answer your customers’ questions and concerns directly in a timely manner. This will improve customer service and satisfaction.

Customer relations management is becoming an integrated component of marketing now. Social media can help you to develop one-to-one deeper and stronger relation with your customer base.


  1. Online PR – Interaction

Main stream media is search and social media savvy and vast majority of main stream media journalist use social media now. Through social media you can reach more and more people by generating high quality contents and providing high quality services. Social, SEO and PR are best friends ever.


  1. Brand Awareness and Enhancement

Brand awareness is important. Social media is a terrific way to communicate with customers and improve brand awareness. Social media isn’t free; this work takes a lot of strategic thinking, inter-department cooperation, and dedicated time of staff and/or agencies to monitor and engage with customers.


  1. Loyalty Marketing

To improve your customer loyalty, you need to make them feel special.  This includes dealing with complaints head on and seeking resolutions.  The customer service you give at your business is the most important loyalty strategy that you can implement.  New best practice may just be to treat every customer as if they were going to instantly write a review on Yelp or Foursquare.


  1. Risk Management

With the speed of spreading good news about your business, there is also the threat of a negative customer experience going viral. While this may seem like a public relations nightmare, a company is able to head off the bad experience quickly and efficiently. Customers will be watching to see how you handle both the praise and the complaints. A company who demonstrates outstanding customer service in all situations will earn the respect and loyalty of its followers.


Do not expect your social media marketing campaign to immediately drive business – it’s best used for branding or online reputation management, that will indirectly convert your target audience into fans, and your fans into customers.