Ranking without Backlinks and Use of Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

Ranking without Backlinks and Use of Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

If you have an awesome product and you want to sell it online, you need something more than just an awesome product and a website – a qualified traffic. In the market in general and for a new websites in particular, it is really hard and time consuming process to rank top for the generic keywords organically.  In order to do that, one must have lots of patience and also needs to build lots of quality backlinks for SEO! However, there is a way to quickly top rank without those backlinks. It can be be achieved through targeting long-tail keywords. Mostly, businesses go after generic keywords and miss out on the low hanging fruits, the long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the phrases containing at least 3 words which are very specific to a business to describe the product in more specific manners. These are the keywords which are not searched  in the generic searches, but are used by the buyers who intend to buy a specific product; consequently, the searches based on long-tail keywords convert very well. As a rule of thumb in the search engines’ world, the longer the keyword, the easier to rank for it and covert it better into sales, because it becomes easier for the search engine to understand the user intent.

Getting 100 visits through organic search for a generic keyword, may result in much lower conversions than getting 100 visits for 10 different long-tail keywords. In other words the total number of searches for body keywords can be less than the total number of searches for long-tail keywords. With the increasing usage of smartphones, even a greater number of people is searching for long-tail keywords.

In a nutshell, a successful SEO strategy should always include a handful of long-tail keywords along with the body keywords. Attention should be paid to user intent along with relevance in the keyword selection. In order to find more long-tail keywords, use analytics and webmaster tools, search directly in Google for the ideas and, if you need help, feel free to contact us for SEO consultation.

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