SEO and Social Media Integration

SEO and Social Media Integration

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best and most effective ways of generating targeted traffic to a website. It is one of the best website marketing tools available. It is important for all websites to get found by search engines when a related search is conducted. If a well-optimized website appears amongst the top few when a related search in conducted, being in this organic or natural listing helps in generating targeted traffic hence leads and sale. The results generated by top search engines are usually generated in the order of relevancy to the query as decided by the search engine.

SEO includes technical tasks to make it easier for search engines to find and index a page for the appropriate keywords, as well as marketing-focused tasks to make a page more appealing to users. Successful search marketing will mean that you will appear on the top of the list when a research is conducted on the keywords you want your website to be searched for. Having a user-friendly website is equally important to convert visitors or traffic into buyers.  Along with SEO, it is important to understand Social media as well to conduct successful online marketing.

Optimizing the Social Media contents is very important so that search engines can easily find those contents. It is about being found on before the customers find your competitor and it is about being part of the www with integrity. Well optimized Social Media contents have higher tendency to go viral.

SEO and Social Media Integration Methods for Online Marketing

Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is fundamental to the development of relevant content. Keywords act as indicators of the overall topic and are used by the Search Engines to determine the relevance of the web page or blog to the Searchers query. Integrating keywords effectively into Social Media will assist to ensure content is found by target audiences.Social Media and Content Development

One of the most important factors in the Search Engine Algorithm is fresh relevant content.

It is a well known fact that search engines like freshness of the website and quality of the web contents when determining the rankings.

Social Media is predominantly about networking. A principle of Social Media networking in a business sense is to offer value to the community. Often this value is provided by the supply of information and being helpful to fellow community members.

Social Media and Inbound Links

Many factors considered by Search Engines to determine web page fu in SERPs, inbound links and content are the primary drivers. Content can be developed and managed internally, but the inbound linking aspect of the Search Optimization program is likely to be the most difficult and time consuming of almost any Search Engine Optimization task. The main cause of this is, obtaining links is dependent on individuals or companies beyond the control of the web site owner.

SEO Structure and Social Media

The strategy of following a social media campaign and your use of SEO techniques is important determinant of the success of your site. If your Social Media content is not developed in a manner which is acceptable to Search Engine crawlers your content is either not likely to be indexed or possibly not given the importance or relevancy it deserves. Web presences must be developed in such a way as to ensure the Search Engine spiders are able to navigate your Social Media content and index it properly.

Online Reputation Management through Social Media and Search

It is a lot more important today to manage online reputation carefully. As potential customers, business partners, and employers begin to use the Internet as a research and background check tool, your reputation in the search engines is becoming increasingly more important.  Take a pre-emptive or proactive stance, and secure one or more listings on the first page for the company or their personal name, before there is a problem.

Local Search (reviews)

Volume, positivity, frequency and transparency of reviews play a big role in ranking when it comes to local searches.

Incorporate Social Media into the Websites for Updates

Integrate your efforts properly to get the traffic to your website. Your website should be a centralized credible  for everything by and related to your brand on the Internet.  Incorporate your  social media contents like blog, Twitter , Facebook,  YouTube videos, photographs,  and anything else that you have uploaded anywhere on the web.

PR (Public Relations) – Connection with Bloggers

In the modern online marketing, blogging has a lot of importance attached to it. From an SEO standpoint, the blogosphere is a goldmine. It provides the opportunity for marketers to build targeted natural “in-content” links which are not only great for increasing search engine rankings, but also can drive significant amounts of targeted traffic. So, it is very important to build a relationship. Once have built relations, make sure that what have is related to the blogger’s niche and has some credible news value aside from marketing your company

Improved Search Engine Ranking and Traffic

Content remains the king of online marketing. It’s all about getting high quality linkable content in front of as many relevant webmasters and bloggers as possible. Use appropriate social network channel to spread your message while staying relevant. Focus on creating high quality linkable content designed to spread. Submit and promote your content to get it in front of webmasters. Then webmasters provide natural links to your content.

Google Social Search

Social media has grown in importance manifold in the past few years. Friends and contacts are a key part of online world. Most people on the web today make social connections and publish web content in many different ways, including blogs, status updates and tweets. This translates to a public social web of content that has special relevance to each person. Unfortunately, that information isn’t always very easy to find in one simple place. Google is an important toll today for Social searches.

Brand Awareness through Social Media

Social marketing and use of social media creates long lasting relationships for businesses today. So businesses should not be afraid to participate in social media just because they don’t see the ROI. You’re not likely to, at least not immediately and not in a way you can pinpoint one event causing another. But over time, you can build your social reputation or authority. This leads to credibility in the eyes of Search Engines.

Ultimately, brand building requires efforts across many different marketing channels, including search and social media. Smart marketers will leverage the two to reinforce their brand and interact with their customers.

Social Media as Content Discovery Tools for Search Engines:

Social media is used today by a lot of people and companies as a tool to get discovered by the search engines. An Optimized Content Strategy is thoughtful of customer information needs as well as search engines.  Great content is worthless unless someone reads it and in today’s competitive online marketing world, shares it with others.  Content optimization goes beyond keywords to making sure content distribution and promotion are as much a part of the content strategy as how relevant and useful the content is to readers for reaching business outcomes.

Integration/ Distribution of Contents

Titles, descriptions, tags, and even links go a long way to optimizing all digital assets as well, not just the written form.

If you create a video, make sure you create a transcript, make it easy to share, and provide some content around the video so that when both users and search engines encounter your digital assets they can relate it back to the idea, story, or concept you’re trying to relate. The same goes for any photos, audio pieces, or infographics.

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