SEO Mistakes which Can Ruin Your Website Visibility in SERPs

SEO Mistakes which Can Ruin Your Website Visibility in SERPs

SEO Mistakes which Can Ruin Your Website Visibility in SERPs

Below are some of the top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mistakes which can easily ruin the website visibility or its rankings in SERPs at the cost of losing traffic and conversions. Therefore, it is important get the things right when it comes to SEO.

  • Wrong keyword selection

A selection of wrong keywords can easily put all of your SEO efforts in vain. Selecting the keywords relevant to your services or products is the first step towards the successful SEO of your website.

  • Poor webhosting

Poor web host with too much down time results in poor user experience which search engines do not like. It can also ruin your website visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and undermine your digital marketing efforts.

  • Duplicate content

Search engines have strong filters for duplicated content. So, always create original quality content only in order to get higher visibility.

  • Thin Content

Another mistake to ruin your website visibility in search engine results pages is having a very high proportion of thin pages which has low user engagement level.

  • Crappy content

Search engines may penalise your website for crappy content which is of no use for the users.  Having such content is bad for your SEO and digital marketing.

  • Lack of fresh content

Not updating the website content frequent enough may also result in low website visibility in SERPs and also a low user engagement.

  • Bad internal linking

If search engines can’t find top pages on your website easily, they will not be able to display them in search engine results pages. So have a clear and more than one type of navigation or internal linking on your website.

  • Not having keywords on prominent places

If you do not have enough keyword prominence on the web pages such as page titles and headings, your visibility will suffer greatly.

  • Redirects and Errors

Too many unnecessary redirect or page not found errors may also reduce the website visibility.

  • Blocking  search engines from crawling website

Blocking search engines from crawling your website (by mistake) may also greatly reduce the website visibility.

  • Ignoring users and just doing things for search engines

Ignoring users and doing things just for the search engines results in poor user experience and it may also result in drop in rankings.

  • Black-hat SEO technique

Any black hat SEO technique such as keyword stuffing and cloaking etc. may hurt your visibility in SERPs.

  • Creating too many low quality links

High proportion of low quality links may also get your website penalized by search engines.

  • Creating no link at all

Having too few or no link will make your website look new or unpopular hence, reducing your chances of getting visibility in SERPs.

  • Bad speed

Bad site speed results in poor user experience, especially over mobile. It also reduces the chances of your website’s visibility.

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