We will be entering in 2015 in less than a week now!  While we enter a new year, evolution of SEO continues. Some new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends will appear in 2015, will some older ones will fade out.

Here are my top 10 SEO predictions about SEO trends in 2015.

1.       Sites recovering from Google penalties

The sites which have taken necessary action will recover from Google penalties.  While on the other hand sites which do not focus on quality of content will be penalized on on-going basis (rather than only by major updates).

2.       More Diversity in SERPs

There will be more diversity in search engine result pages (SERPs) – especially knowledge graph will increase in popularity with Google showing more detailed knowledge graphs and businesses working on it more.

3.       Mobile –friendly and quick-loading sites

More and more people are visiting website through smart phones. So in 2015 mobile-friendly (responsive) websites which load reasonably quickly will get extra SEO benefits in SERPs.

4.       Visual content will become more popular

Visual content will gain more popularity in 2015. Things like infographics and videos will be helpful for SEO in multiple ways in coming year(s).

5.       Semantic and Social Search

Search engines will improve in providing semantic and social search results using signals like search history, social media and other online interactions.

6.       Other search engines will gain market share

Other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo will gain more market share this year.

7.       Diverse and contextual link building

Links are still the decisive factor in competitive markets. Contextual links coming from diverse resources will gain more edge in future.

8.       More focus on user experience for better conversion

Lately search engines are placing more and more emphasis on user experience. Coming year will see rapid growth in this regard too. Companies will invest more in the sites which people like, to gain SEO advantage.

9.       More focus on quality content, social and local

Quality content is king and will remain so in coming year. Social media will be more important for SEO while search engines will refine their algorithms to improve local rankings.

10.   Integration of SEO with other digital marketing channels

SEO will be integrated more in other online and offline marketing channels.

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