Top 7 Ways of Integrating SEO and PPC

Top 7 Ways of Integrating SEO and PPC

Search engines can be single most important way of getting high quality traffic to your website. SEO and PPC are the two main search or online marketing tools. SEO results are more sustainable, while PPC is quick.  SEO and PPC may differ in many ways, but still there are ways to integrate both for getting diverse benefits and achieving long term business goals by balancing both.

In most of the cases, if budget and time allows, by combining SEO and PPC you can reach wider range of potential customers– especially towards the start of search marketing campaigns.

  1. Brand awareness

Every business wants to get as much exposure as possible – and every business also requires same from search engine result pages (SERPs).  Running both SEO and PPC can give that added visibility to win recognition and trust of potential customers.

  1. Keyword research

Efficient keyword research is the first step to organic SEO success. Getting keywords ideas from PPC data and using those for SEO strategies can enhance keyword research to a great deal.  Rather than just going after search volume suggested by keyword selection tools, you can also have a better idea about what keyword converts better for your business. PPC data can give some great long tail keywords ideas which are like a gold mine for a business.

  1. Quality Score

A well SEOed page for a keyword, improves PPC Quality score which is crucial for PPC success and can save dollars for the business. Also, on the one hand PPC ads can give you an idea how well optimized and relevant is your page.  On the other hand, organic SEO landing pages can be used for PPC.  In short, by integrating SEO and PPC you can have a much more efficient website.

  1. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Search engines can make or break a business these days. Any negative comment about business appearing in top search results can be harmful for reputation. Gaining more top rankings both through paid rankings as well as organic rankings can push any negative press down in the ranking – or even below the first page to build online reputation.

  1. Link or Relationship Building

Links are at the heart of any successful SEO campaign. PPC can be used to spread your name and contents to reach more potential consumers who may share your story on their website or blog.

  1. A/B Testing

With PPC you can test two or more versions of web pages and see which page converts better in the light of detailed analytic reports. Then you can display that enhanced page format for organic rankings.

  1. Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion

‘CTR’ and conversion rate ideas from PPC ads can be implemented in SEO to improve SEO click through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Ultimate goal of any marketing plan is to increase revenue and sales. SEO and PPC integration can serve this purpose better than any other channels available at the moment.

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