What is Good Quality Content for Google and SEO

What is Good Quality Content for Google and SEO

High quality good content has always played a major role in organic rankings and SEO, but its importance has increased more than ever before after recent Google updates. Everyone talks about good quality content or linkable content, but what is it really? This post aims to answer the question: What is good content for Google and SEO?

7 Main Characteristics of Good Quality Content

  1. Good quality content adds value:

It adds value by meeting the needs of visitors. Well-researched audience needs and keywords are the stepping stones in adding value through quality content. So, understand your audience and produce relevant content to give visitors the information they are looking for.

  1. Good quality content is well optimized:

When writing, make sure you have proper information architecture, titles, meta description, images, internal linking and number of links on the page, and that the content is easily indexable by search engines. Such optimized content can provide you with free 24/7 advertising on Google.

  1. Good quality content is linkable:

Great user experience is a key to success for both organic rankings and conversion. Your content should not be too simple, but generally not too in-depth that they become too difficult to understand for most of the visitors. It should be without spelling and grammar mistakes. Design should be reasonable, otherwise it will look ugly, which results in bad user experience  and reduces linkability. The content should be unique with original ideas. Days of rephrased and already published content are very much over. Quality content on the internet should be able to be published in any renowned magazine.

  1. Good quality content is engaging and sharable:

Shares, likes, retweets, comments, reviews, bookmarks, and more time on site with less bounce rate tells search engines that your content is of good quality.  Keep an eye on these factors. Quality content should also highlight both sides of a story.

  1. Good quality content is not thin:

Search engines like original content, but they do not like content that is too thin.  Put enough effort into writing the content and avoid duplication. Don’t write about similar articles on essentially the same topics. Linking to other quality and relevant sites is another point to keep in mind while writing content.

  1. Good quality content is fresh and/or evergreen:

Search engines like new content, and so do audiences. Old content becomes outdated if not evergreen. Freshness is a sign of engagement. So keep your site fresh and up to date.

  1. Good quality content comes in many forms:

It does not just come in the form of text, but as Vblogs, presentation slides, and infographics etc. too.

Remember, producing good quality content is not a quick fix; it needs hard work, research, and commitment to get long-lasting, desirable results.

Do not forget to promote your good content.  Good content should be published both on-site and off-site to get maximum SEO benefits. After writing, the same importance should be given on promotion too.

Focus should be on quality rather than quantity.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more content-centric now, and Google is penalizing low quality content.

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