Conversion Rate Optimization Tips – Top CRO Tips

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips – Top CRO Tips

Sometimes websites focus too much on search engine optimisation (SEO) and forget to give enough importance to the next most important tool, the CRO. A high conversion rate is important for any successful website because it makes the most out of the traffic coming through search engines or any other means. The top benefits of CRO include higher  ROI (Return On Investment), lower cost of acquisition, maximized profit and brand building. Below are some of the top tips to help improve the conversion rate for any website.

1. A/ B Testing and General Testing

A/B test is the most used testing method to improve CRO. Decide what to test and know what works best for your business.

Do A/ B testing for the keywords, titles and headings, page design and navigation, Call to Action (CTA) button position, colour, font and everything.

Encourage customers to write reviews. Surveys can also be used to get feedback about the site from customers.

You’re never done testing as there is always room for improvement!

2. Trust Building

Build trust with your customers using customer testimonials (social proof), case studies, relevant research results, award badges, verified payment methods, reliable quick shipping, variety of contact information, a good design and valuable website content. Active participation on social media in a meaningful way also helps a lot with customers’ trust building.

3. Creating Content for All Levels Of Sales Funnel

Give customers as much information as they require to make an informed decision in a simple and clear way. Create valuable content for all level of sales funnel such as ‘awareness’, ‘interest’, and ‘sale’ stages.  Technical terms or jargons should not be used.

4. Highlighting  Your Unique Selling Point Precisely

Convey your unique selling point (UPS) within the first few seconds a customer lands on your website while keeping it simple for the customers to understand it.   Test a few variations of conveying UPS by A/ B testing as well.

5. Responsive Web Design and Site Search

The site should load in quick time as many customers can be coming through hand-held mobile devices. Adding search feature to your site can engage customers better on the site and help them quickly and easily find what they are looking for. The site should work well with all browsers and with the languages your potential customers may use.

Site search should be smart and suggest users with relevant keywords while it should auto correct minor spelling mistakes. Display wider range of products with the main search results.

6. Unique Product Information and Amazing Product Images and Videos

Unique product description along with quality image and informative video enhances a landing page by giving customer more information to make buying decision.

Provide top customer service and no-question-asked refund policy.

7. Top Sellers and Relevant Products

This is one the most under-used CRO techniques. Display relevant product and top sellers before checkout to the customers. Displaying top sellers to the customer is a way of demonstrating social proof. Add FAQs (frequently asked questions) and other statistics to give more information to the buyer.

8. More Information ‘Above The Fold’

Place important information including CTA button(s) and, at least, one method to contact the brand ‘above the fold’ in order to provide necessary information to the customers before they make a decision. This information may include a strong heading, supporting sub-heading, a brief summary of the page as well as a CTA button. Multiple CTAs can be used on the landing pages.

9. Less Form Fields and Easy Checkout

Do not ask for unnecessary form filling and do not make checkout process too detailed.  Use autofill where possible. Keep shipping cost to minimum and it provide free shipping for orders greater than a specific amount. Skip mandatory signup for check-out. Let buyers save their cart or add to wish-list. Show final price before checkout.  Provide multiple shipping and payment options. Provide live chat to provide immediate assistance to the customers and convert them better.

10. Incentivize Customer for Referrals

Customers coming to your website through the words of mouth perhaps convert the best, so do not under estimate the importance of existing customers referrals. Incentivize customers through discounts or free gifts which may bring more customers.

It takes time to optimize the conversion rate for a website. However, through following the above tips great success can be achieved in this regard.

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