How to Write a Perfect Heading for SEO- Best On-Page SEO Practices

How to Write a Perfect Heading for SEO- Best On-Page SEO Practices

Heading tags (H tags) are the HTML tags used to indicate headings in the page content. The hierarchy goes from H1 to H6, with H1 being the most important one. H1 is used to indicate main heading of the page. Heading tags can be categorized into 3 groups:

Main heading (h1), sub-headings (h2 and h3) and additional sub-headings (h4-h6).

Generally only H1. H3 are used. H4-H6 headings are hardly ever used.

Importance for SEO:

Headings play an important part in organic rankings as search engines use these as one of the main on-page SEO ranking factors. Having keywords in the headings and sub-headings improves keyword prominence both for search engines and users.

How to write headings for SEO:

Headings should be relevant to the page content. They should also be interesting for the users. From SEO perspective, they should be covering all the main and long-tail keywords you want to focus from that page.

There should only be one H1 heading, while there can be multiple sub-headings (H2-H6). Common practice is to use your main keyword in H1, and focus on long-tail or secondary keywords from H2 and H3. Most of the sites would focus only on H1-H3. Heading can be 20-60 characters long.


Headings, especially H1, are the most noticeable content on the page and can have great impact on the organic rankings and sales your website gets. So having relevant, keyword-focused and interesting headings is a must-do for any site.

  • Use 1 H1 heading per page
  • Focus on main keyword in the H1
  • Focus on secondary or long-tail keyword in H2 and H3
  • Do not over-use keywords
  • Keep headings relevant and interesting

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