How to Write Page Title for SEO – Best Practices

How to Write Page Title for SEO – Best Practices

Title tags are shown in search results by search engine as clickable text. They tell search engines about the topic of the web page and are used as one of the top ranking signals by search engines.  So, having a perfect page title can facilitate with top organic rankings and click through rate (CTR), which is crucial for SEO success.

Page Title for SEO
Page Title for SEO

Keywords in the Title

Title should start with the main keyword- it may also cover a secondary keyword. Brand name should also be included in the page Title. For older and established sites, you may start the title with the brand name, but for newer sites it should be at the end of the title. If you still have enough space left after having keyword, secondary keyword and brand name in the title, you may also highlight a benefit of your product or services in title tag.

Ideal length for the Title

Ideal length for the page Title is 60-70 characters including spaces. Anything longer than this will be truncated automatically by most of the search engines including Google. Try to avoid ‘stop words’ in the title.

Titles- Both for users and search engines

A perfect title is equally beneficial for search engines and users to understand the topic of the page. Titles ignoring users have less conversion rate. Titles ignoring search engines hardly ever rank in top search results.

Unique Titles

All pages on your website must have unique content. So, the page titles should also be unique accordingly. Having a unique title for each page gives you a chance to cover maximum possible of your selected keywords.

Title tag mistakes to avoid:

  • Too long or too short titles

Search engines will truncate too long titles to show only first few words. Titles that are too short will not convey your message clearly to the search engines and users.

  • Duplicated titles

Duplicated titles confuse search engines about which page to show in search results. Unique titles make search engine bots job easy.

  • Keyword over-doing

Over use of keywords or keyword-stuffing in page title is a waste of some very useful space for SEO.


Product Page titles, category page titles for e-commerce sites format

For e-commerce sites, page title can be something like this.

Product page title format:

Product Name – Category Name- Brand Name

Category page title format:

Category Name – Brand Name

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