How to Write Perfect Meta Descriptions- On-Page SEO

How to Write Perfect Meta Descriptions- On-Page SEO

What is meta description? Why it is important? How to write a good meta description? We will be answering these questions in this blog post.

Meta Description provides summary of a web page content. Search engines display Meta description along with the page title and the URL in search results. Meta description plays an important part in converting users into consumers as they are displayed as a short ‘advertisement’ in organic search results. So it influences a searcher decision as to whether to click on your search result or not. In SEO, it comes down to number of clicks you get for various keyword searches rather than the actual organic rankings.

You should include your main keyword in the meta description. A well written meta description may also include the value proposition for the user and a clear call to action.

Ranking factor?

Unlike page Title tags, keywords in Meta descriptions do not help with organic rankings. But, as search engines highlight the keywords of meta description in search results, it is highly recommended to include the keyword in Meta description to improve click through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Write compelling ad

Meta descriptions are displayed as if they are your ads in search results when a search is performed for a specific keyword. If you have a compelling meta description or ad, chances of converting the searchers into a lead or sale are higher.

Meta description is also displayed by social media sites when your page is shared on social media sites.

Avoid duplication of Meta description

Duplication of meta description should be avoided as much as possible. Especially the main pages of a site should have unique meta description which truly depicts the page content.

Meta description can be skipped in some cases

Meta description can be skipped in some cases for less important pages. In that case, search engines will pick most suitable text from the page content and display it as meta description in search result.

Meta Description Format

Meta description format is:

<meta name=”description” content=”meta description upto 160 characters”>

Ideally Meta description should be less than 160 characters long.

Meta description is added in the ‘head’ section of a page.

An example of a well-written meta description (meta description highlighted in green- keyword ‘seo consultant’):

SEO Consultant And Expert Company in London, UK – Lukasz ..

For years as SEO Consultant in London I am managing organic growth, visibility, and customer engagement for UK’s largest brands. Let me help you!


A well-written meta description keeping in mind the user intent that truly depicts the topic of the page can have significant impact on the ultimate results you get in terms of organic traffic conversion.

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