Key Elements of a Great Website

Key Elements of a Great Website

We often  talk about landing page optimization (LPO) and come across blogposts that focus on it, but we rarely hear much about what makes a  website great. Or, in other words, what are the key elements of a top website?  So, today, let us  discuss the key elements of a top website and how to make it work for you.

Briefly, a great website has a nice deign and great content, is well optimized for search engines  as well as for the users, works  equally good on all devices and very well converts its visitors into customers.

Just building a website is not enough in the very competitive online world. It must be a great website to stand out. The following strategies can help build a great website.

Elements of a Great Website:

  1. Clear Goal and Call to Action: A great website has a clear goal which it wants to achieve and  uses other elements and call to action to support it. The purpose can be anything ranging from  getting more customers  to getting more subscriptions  to simply enhancing the brand awareness etc. etc.
  2. Quality Content– Content is the king – quality content very much determines the quality of a website. Useful information which helps visitors with decision making goes a long  achieving   the goals.  To keep search engines and visitors coming back to your site, fresh content should be regularly added to the website.
  3. Professional Appearance / Design – A nice professional design attracts visitors- the design should be appealing  for the target audience.  Good content and design also help  keep the visitors on  a website for longer, once they arrive on the website.
  4. SEO– While no one can deny the importance of content and design,  there is  no purpose of a having a website if no one can find it! SEO is the best way to reach out the potential customers. SEO is the process of optimizing website in a way that it appears in top search results.   It includes selecting the right keywords and using them at prominent places of the website, such as page tiles and headings, as well as internal linking and URLs.
  5. Usability / User Engagement/ Accessibility– Any website lacking in this department will struggle with keeping the visitors on the site. A user-focused approach is the key element of a great website because ultimately the visitors are human, not machines!  A great website should be accessible to all – including the screen readers.
  6. Functionality and Navigation– All elements of your website should work perfectly and all pages should be reachable with nice and easy navigation.  Clear and easy to use navigation along with search and sitemap functionality helps visitors to reach their destination.  Good grammar and spellings in page copy are all important for leaving a good impression to the visitors.
  7. Credibility/ Trust building – In the internet world, no website can succeed without building trust of the visitors. Trust can be built with the help of testimonials, FAQs, about us page, clear privacy and return policy, etc.
  8. Compatible with different devices and browsers– More and more people are using mobile devices to access websites, so a great website should work fine with different mobile devices and browsers with good speed.
  9. Analytics and statistics: Last but not least, you should be checking website analytics and other statistics on an on-going basis in order to improve it; in the race of quality there is no finish line.  Tools like Google Analytics gives lots of free information about the visitors such as which pages are more popular, which keywords are they using, how long are they staying on site etc. etc.

Remember, your website will be doing business for you 24/7. So, make sure it a great website which bring visitors and then convert them into customers.

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