Why My Site is Not Ranking Well or Indexed in Google? – SEO Advice

Why My Site is Not Ranking Well or Indexed in Google? – SEO Advice

Why is my site not ranking in Google? Why my site is not even indexed in Google? Why my site is not showing in Google search result pages? Why Google hates my site? These are the commonly asked questions by the website owners to the SEO experts seeking help and advice.

These questions often come from the website owners whose site has not been professionally optimized. We also have noticed that the frequency of such questions has increased after the Google Penguin and Panda updates. Let’s have a look, one by one, at the likely reasons behind each of these problems.

Why my site is not ranking well in Google? – OR -Why my site is not in search result pages?

You are targeting only short tail keywords
You are targeting wrong keywords
Your website has thin content
Your on-page SEO is poor
You have low quality and/ or irrelevant content
Your website has too much of duplicated content
You do not have enough backlinks
Your website has low quality backlinks
Your website has poor user experience
You are using other spam link building tactics
Why is my site not Indexed in Google?

You have accidently blocked Google (and/or other search engines)
Your site is too young and Google has not yet found it
Your website is too slow
You are not promoting your website actively
You have hosted your site on a poor server with too much downtime
Your site has AJAX/ JavaScript issues
Your site have other ‘Crawl Errors’
Why Google hates my site?

You have broken some Google guidelines
You have bought a bad rap domain
You have been deindexed by Google
You are promoting your website too aggressively and, thus, creating ‘SEO noise’
If you are looking for the detailed SEO advice regarding any of these issues, feel free to contact us for the expert SEO consultation.

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