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Welcome to the best SEO training program available online. From the comfort of your home, you have the excellent opportunity to learn and enhance your SEO skills under the mentorship of an exceptional and successful SEO consultant. (see testimonials)

Who Will be Your SEO Trainer?

When you enroll in this SEO training course, you will be provided one-on-one online classes with Abdul Hayi Mansoor who is an experienced and renowned SEO Consultant Specialist. He has provided successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting and services for many online businesses around the world. With an in depth knowledge of all major search engines, he is well-versed with their ranking criteria. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and eMarketing from the UK and has trained people from various industries in the art of Search Engine Optimization.

What is the Format of the SEO Training Course?

The SEO Training Program is a customized one and can be adjusted according to trainee needs. Currently our trainees include SEOs, social media executives, content writers, digital marketers and business owners.

The SEO training and individual SEO tuition includes extensive range of SEO, Social Media and SEM topics from basic concepts like keyword research, compiling meta data, improving site architecture and navigation to advance topics as enhancing user experience, conversion rate optimization, implementing social media marketing and online brand building etc.

SEO Training for Agencies and Companies

The SEO Consultant Specialist currently provides both face-to-face and online SEO training. Sometimes, companies and agencies want to provide SEO training sessions for their employees to increase their productivity. For example, you may be developing an in-house content writing team and want to train people in SEO for your company blog. This is where we can help.

By meeting with the relevant stakeholders, we will design and implement a complete SEO training program for your employees. You may choose to hold these training sessions at your chosen venue or allow your employees to participate in them virtually. We can do both!

Learn about online marketing techniques that really work by an SEO consultant specialist who has done 100′s of successful SEO and Social Media Marketing projects. He is currently available to provide online SEO training/ tuition and consulting in Dubai, UK, Australia and Pakistan.

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